Who We Are

Priscilla McLeod y Asociados is an insurance brokerage firm in Panama. Dedicated to providing customers with the utmost excellence in service, response, and information.

With more than 40 years in the industry, we strive to cultivate long standing relationships with our customers and their families. We are focused on providing assistance, access, and support when needed the most.

Our goal is to gain and retain your trust by helping you enjoy the benefits of insurance. As well as   reduce stress by assisting you with all of your insurance needs. We take pride in providing our clients with expert, friendly, and reliable service.

Priscilla McLeod Sosa
President & Insurance Advisor

Priscilla is a Panamanian professional. She obtained her degree in Business Administration and Computational Sciences from Strayer College, Washington, DC. Shortly after obtaining her degree she incurred in the insurance industry

With over 40 years in the insurance industry, she insists her eternal love is the insurance world.

She founded Priscilla McLeod y Asociados, in 1977 brokering all lines of insurance. She is extremely distinguished within the industry for her excellence in personalized customer service and extreme knowledge in the types of insurance coverages offered by the numerous insurance companies in Panama.

Throughout her career, Priscilla has participated in numerous seminars, as well as attended world and Pan-American insurance conferences. By doing so, she stays current with all the updates and modifications in the insurance coverages and offerings.

Priscilla has served several positions in local associations, such as CAPECOSE (Panamanian Chamber of Insurance Brokers Association) and the Commission of Continued Studies of the Insurance and Reinsurance Superintendency of the Republic of Panama. She has also participated in international associations, such as COPAPROSE (Pan-American Confederation of Insurance Producers), sharing her knowledge and expertise of the insurance industry.

Paulette McLeod
Paulette McLeod Klein

After more than ten years in the marketing and communications industry, Paulette was ready for a change. She has integrated herself into the family insurance brokerage business. As a determined and creative problem solver, Paulette is confident she will assist you in obtaining the best insurance coverage needed.

Previously, Paulette specialized in creating marketing and communications strategies and initiatives for financial institutions and media companies. She started her marketing and sales career in Televisora Nacional (TVN Media) where she held the positions of Product Manager and Sales Executive. Later, she moved to Canada where she was the Marketing Coordinator at Northern Savings Credit Union in Prince Rupert, BC and then the Marketing and Communications Specialist for First West Capital and Envision Financial in Langley, BC, Canada.

She graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan. Paulette also holds a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville.

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